Below are just a few of the people who've impacted my life by allowing me into theirs. For more testimonials and the extended versions of the few listed here please click here or check my FB page!

Kate, NY

"After my miscarriage my body was weak and out of shape. Suddenly I wasn't pregnant but still looked and felt pregnant. Kendra was a godsend during that time, helping me to mend my body and physically prepare to carry a future pregnancy. When I did get pregnant again I was considered high-risk and Kendra was amazing at modifying my workouts to meet my doctor’s ever-changing requirements. While she helped me to maintain a healthy body and weight throughout the pregnancy, perhaps more importantly she made me physically strong - ready for birth as well as postpartum recovery.

Autrey, MI

For anyone who is not familiar with KGB Fitness's founder, leader, personal trainer, motivational speaker, life coach, friend, consider yourself fortunate your journey has meshed with Kendra's. 

I own and operate a fitness studio in Michigan and have learned more from her from not so much what she says, but rather it's what she DOES on a daily basis to promote the grind of a healthy lifestyle / leadership / business ownership.

Jessica, CA


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kendra--from her poise; professionalism; and extensive knowledge of health, wellness, and fitness to her generous spirit and passion for serving others. I was fortunate to attend her summer Women's Wellness & Strength retreat in beautiful northern Michigan near Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park.


Not only did Kendra curate the entire retreat, she also customized our experience based on individual health and wellness needs. I walked away refreshed and reinvigorated--and all I could think about was planning for my return next summer!"

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." -Henry Ford

Shweta, NJ


"I started working out with Kendra twice a week and within 3 months of working out with Kendra my body had changed it's shape, I was leaner, I felt stronger and my posture had improved tremendously. She taught me how to breathe correctly which was so important while doing all the core exercises. I feel strong, fit and have a new found self confidence. I am so thankful to Kendra for her hard work and dedication. I count her as one of my good friends now!"