Are you feeling stuck in a rut, stressed out, tired all the time, unorganized or just not loving your body or enjoying your life? Let's change all that together!

You can now try a mini course, come to an online live chat or webinar or work with me privately. As an Intentional Living Coach I will help you simplify your life, better manage and minimize your stress, in a body you love. By using the coaching skills of listening, motivating, educating and tracking, be prepared for a life transformation.

Are you ready for a change? Let's chat!



Training is always more fun with a buddy. Let's get together for a hike, try a new class workout on the beach, learn to play tennis or try SUP as a part of your training! Variety, consistency and finding something you actually enjoy doing are all key elements to making fitness an enjoyable part of your lifestyle.


Your trainer is your motivational friend, your workout buddy and someone who generally cares about your well-being who you've paid to get you RESULTS! Sessions are available in-person and online for your convenience, consistency and on-going accountability. Click here for more details!


Specialty Service: Pregnancy / Postpartum Training



Work environments, neighborhoods and families are better places to be when the people in them are happier. Exercise actually makes you happy, reduces stress and anxiety, helps fight insomnia and boosts confidence!


KGB Fitness seeks out neighborhoods and communities in need of health and fitness resources. We will create and provide programs to help schools needing creative movement, corporations needing stress management, neighborhoods in need of diabetes and obesity prevention and much more depending on the need.


To get on a KGB Fitness Team in an upcoming charity walk or obstacle course or to participate in a free class, or community event, please check out my Face Book Fit Fam Group and the KGB Fitness Face Book page!

Please read all policies and procedures here. Note that all policies and procedures are subject to change at anytime and without notice. Also check out testimonials here!



Come escape your everyday life and take a vacation with me! KGB Fitness Inc. will provide your group with excellent, holistic based, wellness services while traveling with your group. Services may include but are not limited to full group workouts, a basic yoga mix, private, personal, buddy or small group training, stretch sessions, wellness workshops, and coaching in stress management.

Upcoming retreats:

Annual Woman's Wellness Retreat - MI, Sept 2018

New Couples Retreat - Location and Dates TBA 2018