Personal Training

"KGB Fitness has been extremely instrumental in preparing me to run my first marathon in Los Angeles. I'm not a runner but KGB has given me exceptional guidance to accomplish this monumental goal. Through intense strength and flexibility training, as well as dietary guidance, I have lost 10 pounds, decreased my body fat and increased my endurance. The thing that truly impresses me the most about KGB is that no two trainings were ever alike. Her training methods are unique and innovative.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend KGB for any of your fitness needs!!"

Brent - Los Angeles, CA 2016

All packages include the following:


  • Personal training sessions (online or in-person with buddy or small group training options available)

  • Coaching techniques applied as needed

  • Customized homework / training program updated weekly or as needed

  • Monthly assessments and goal setting

  • Access to the online training app for homework and tracking

  • Access to online payments and auto-payment options

  • On-going weekly support and accountability

  • Access to a private, client only FB group

  • Nutrition assessments and guidance

  • 24/7 text support

*Note: Package options will be switching over to contracts very soon!

Please consider investing in the following as a helpful set of tools for training at home (not required, only strongly suggested):


  • A yoga mat or mat of similar shape

  • A set of light weights (3 - 5 lbs)

  • One kettlebell (15 – 20 lbs)

  • Medium resistance band

  • One stretch strap

  • A foam roller (black/strong density)

  • A scale that tracks body fat (you can buy body fat analyzers separately if you already have a scale without it)

  • Online sessions via Skype, Zooom or Google Hang Out


Add-ons & Other Services


  • Purge & Restore – 2 hour project of cleaning out kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, getting rid of all unnecessary and unhealthy items the replacing and restocking with healthy choices to help make that lifestyle commitment easier! (not including food purchases)

  • Assisted Stretch Session


Please review all policies and procedures before purchasing sessions, noting the 12 hour/ day of cancellation policy & 3 month expiration. Keep in mind that all policies, procedures and pricing are subject to change at anytime and without notice.

Kenra Gail, trainer and coach
Kendra Gail, dancer, trainer, coach