Hi, I’m Kendra Gail and I want to welcome you to KGB Fitness, a community centered on strength, fitness and healthy living. I started my career as a dancer, and bring over 20 years of ballet and modern dance experience. I trained at the Grand Rapids Ballet School, Wealthy Theatre Contemporary Ballet Company, Houston Ballet and the official school of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

By 2006, after many injuries and years of dieting, I traded in my ballet slippers and callused feet for gym shoes, medicine balls, resistance bands and free weights. In 2008 I competed in a natural bodybuilding competition in both figure and best body divisions as I transitioned into my new career as a trainer.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and I have built KGB Fitness on a solid foundation of lifestyle fitness and stress management coaching, where I work one-on-one and with groups coaching, teaching workshops, courses and classes, and leading specialized wellness retreats.

I have spent a lifetime refining my skills and expertise through continuing education and health, wellness, and fitness certification programs. As a result, I was mentioned in the Santa Monica Mirror for my HIIT style workouts in 2016, featured in Phoenix Focus Magazine in 2015 and awarded the Proclamation of the City of Jersey City issued by Mayor Steven Fulop in 2013.

Through KGB Fitness, I strive to bring a unique, motivational approach to fitness training and coaching. My mission is to inspire healthy living and strong communities while sharing health, wellness, nutrition and exclusive travel experiences with people all over.


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Education & Certifications


IBA Global Healing | 2017 - 2019

BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk Fundamentals

MindScape (Three times)

Spencer Institute | 2015

Stress Management Coaching


American Red Cross | 2007 (bi-yearly renewal)



International Science & Sports Association | 2007 (bi-yearly renewal)

Personal Training Certification


Rising Tide Capital | 2014

Community Business Academy Program


DSW Fitness | 2013

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching


DSW Fitness | 2010

Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Periodization


Annette Lang Education System | 2010

Training the Pregnant & Postpartum Client


The Ailey School | 2006

Dance Certification


Kuyper College | 2001 – 2002

Cross-Cultural Studies

Kendra Gail

"When you live intentionally, you know  & understand that every day is your time to make a difference."

-John C. Maxwell

Company Mission:

To help others simplify their lives an live less-stress in a body they love. Together we build healthier lifestyles and stronger communities!

Company Vision:

To impact more lives through coaching, retreats, and outreach. Over the next three years KGB Fitness will become KGB Wellness, adding an online academy which will provide mini and full courses in stress management, wellness and intentional living. The dream is to be able to reach and impact more people who are ready to transform their lives and take on a lifestyle of living intentionally!